A site that has developed an innovative on-line Identity Verification service that exceeds most current business and social demands while allowing one to operate within the world-wide web with a reasonable confidence of knowing who they are actually dealing with. The Social Media Identity Verification (SMIV) site is owned and operated by The MPM Group, Inc. (MPM) - a properly licensed, bonded and insured investigations and security consulting firm.

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   In an era of increasing home based internet businesses and personal socialization, via web based social media, SMIV now offers an innovative personal security and safety service that is designed to concentrate on the Due Diligence protection of those individuals who now find it necessary to actively engage in on-line business ventures with various web-based companies as well as their representatives. Like most federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, SMIV recognizes that Eastern European and West African “business” interests, posing as U.S. based companies, have developed internet based computer fraud into an extremely lucrative “art form” – a criminal enterprise from which nobody is exempt.

Additionally, as one might expect, SMIV’s expert “Verification” capabilities will also effectively support the needs of any individual that intends to engage in meeting and socializing with a relatively unknown person that they have met through a myriad of web-based social media dating sites. As attractive as the idea sounds that one can meet the “right” person from the comfort of their home or office computer – more often than not, that is simply not the truth without one being well-informed in advance.

Most social media sites, including the more well-known internet dating sites, require very little, if any, confirmable personal information from their subscribers. False names, false addresses, use of multiple deceptive and uncontrolled email addresses (i.e. Yahoo, Hotmail), the more common use of “burner” cellular telephones and the use of increasingly more common pay-as-you-go Credit Cards (i.e. Reloadable Visa and MasterCard, etc.) pretty much “…allow anyone to be anyone” in this age of the internet and the “Dark Web.” However, in fairness to the industry, dating/social sites simply have neither the expertise nor the technology to effectively weed-out the many undesirables that routinely “surf the web” both here in the United States and overseas.

SMIV provides their Clients with the capability of immediately confirming the true identity of the person(s) that they are considering meeting and/or initiating a business or personal relationship with. A non-invasive basic search that should confirm name, address, age, digital identity, IP address (when available) and a majority of other “confirmable” background information that the Client is searching for and, depending on how in-depth the search is, usually effected without the individual ever knowing the verification was even conducted. On a case-by-case basis, SMIV can conduct more in-depth inquiries upon request.

Because of the nature of the unique services being provided, MPM/SMIV requires that all potential Clients acknowledge that they have read, understand and agree to conform to the DISCLAIMER provided herein. 

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This SMIV website is owned and operated by The MPM Group, Inc.

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